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The outcome of World Clash RESET 2 shocked the sound clash industry. This year, the competition was won by Sky Juice/Metromedia, a juggling sound and first time contender. Additionally, juggling contenders Jazzy/T Renaissance also boasted a strong presence in the clash.

The battle for King of New York was undoubtedly won by King Addies, who made it to the tune-fi-tune round, compared to Soul Supreme, and LP, who were sent home early in the clash. The Fire Links and Mighty Crown rivalry catapulted to a higher level, as they both fired customized dubs targeted at each other. Overall, the merger of juggling and clash sounds on the world clash stage left fans wanting more, resulting in an epic launch of Irish and Chin’s R.E.S.E.T concept.

  • World Clash R.E.S.E.T 2 Winner is Sky Juice/Metromedia
  • Soul Supreme is eliminated in Round 2
  • Fire Links and LP International are eliminated in Round 3
  • Jazzy T is eliminated in Round 4
  • Mighty Crown is eliminated in Round 5
  • King Addies & Sky Juice/Metromedia entered a best of 10
  • 'Tune-Fi-Tune'
  • Sky Juice/Metromedia beat King Addies in the 'Tune-Fi-Tune' with a score of 6-2.

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