Reports are that Khago had a great time performing to a packed audienced in Atlanta, Georgia, over the weekend.

The predominantly female audience, was a mix of Jamaicans, black Americans & Latinas, all out to enjoy  the Labour Day weekend.

Khago kicked off his set with singles Tun Up Di Ting and Tax Inna My World. The vibes were so intense that Khago actually jumped off the stage and began to perform his latest radio hit, Pretty Wine

He made mention of his celebrated feuds with artistes such as I Octane, Assassin, and Sizzla, then left the stage after doing a few bars of Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem(Part One), which left the audience begging for more.

When he returned for his encore, he completed Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem with the ladies screaming for more.

Khago will next performkhago in Tampa Bay, Florida, on September 15.

Author: Irish and Chin

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