Dancehall artiste G Whizz will now be performing under his birth name Garland Rowe. He decided to use his real name as he will be focusing more on reggae and one-drop songs. "It's a new thing I'm taking on. I'm going to sing more reggae and one-drop songs, so using Garland Rowe is a more mature name for these kinds of songs that I'll be singing," G Whizz said.

He went on to say that he does not believe that this will impact negatively on his career and that the first single under his new moniker has been getting rave reviews. GWHIZZ"It nah go impact negatively on my career, trust me. Mi nah dash way the name G Whizz, a it buss me, mi just a spice up di ting. I'm taking things to another level. The first single called It Hurts Being in Love has been getting great response so far," the artiste said.

Although there are some who have told the artiste that the name change was 'not a good move', he says that there are even more who have commended him on the new name and have told him that his birth name is more suitable for the songs he is now focusing on.

"I've been on the scene since 2009 and now mi a pree the long term side of mi career, so I'll be doing more reggae songs instead of dancehall. I started out singing, so now I'm going back to my roots. Right now I'm just gonna be flooding the market with one-drop reggae songs," he said.

Author: Irish and Chin

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