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Who has the most dubs?  Who has the most valued dubs?  These are two questions recently asked on SOUNDCHAT RADIO which received a lot of mixed opinions.  The conversation was centered around four legendary sound teams (Saxon Studio, Down Beat, Jaro, and King Addies), all are known for their countless contributions to the sound clash culture. To come to the most accurate conclusion, we must erase all bias and judge each team based on what they have offered.
Who has the most dubs? "THE MOST" must be defined by the quantity of dubs each sound has recorded. This is not about the quality of dubs, i.e., combinations, dead artists, live artists, etc.  or which sound owner had the most money, it's based strictly on the number of dubs. Some say that Jaro leads in this category because they always owned their own dub plate studio, granting them access to many artists through out their legacy.  Others say King Addies because during the 90's, they voiced an obscene amount of dub plate material.  Fans from England argue that Saxon was also armed with an extensive catalogue during the 90's.  And let's not forget Downbeat the Ruler, who is considered a dub "collector."
Who has the most valued dubs? This is where things get tricky because everyone's definition of a VALUED dub tends to be different. Some say dead artists are most valuable because they can never be voiced again. Some feel that dub plates from living artists during their prime are most valued (i.e., a bounty killer today does not sound like a bounty 10 years ago).  Finally, younger clash fans highly rate sounds with dubs from today's top artists.  On the other side, selector/sound owner's may rank their most valued dubs by how hard they had to work for it, favorite artists or cost. Some will go as far as using their personal experiences to determine the worth of their dub box.  No matter how you look at it, one can not say that any of these ways of defining value are wrong.
In an effort to lessen the confusion that this question often causes, here is the perfect analogy.  If someone was to open a business called "DUBS FOR CASH" where sound owners could exchange their dubs for money, which one of these four sound systems would walk away with the most cash? King Addies had some very strong dubs, which have become a staple in the clash arena.  Kilamanjaro also boasted an extensive amount of dubs, which have defined and identified their team over the decades.  Saxon has been the pinnacle of dub plate culture in England, a country which once lead the sound system culture outside of Jamaica. Down Beat’s collection is a threat to any top sound because he has really strong Studio One dubs.  So, who do you think would walk away with the most cash?

Author: Irish and Chin


-1 #1 Statuscrew Ali 2013-05-16 21:43
Saxon vs. addies for the most dubs & jaro vs downbeat for the most valued dubs.
0 #2 baldhead ras 2013-05-17 10:58
Huh! that's something to think about. All the sounds have good dubs but to say who has the most....tuff
0 #3 MC#1 2013-05-17 14:10
Downbeats focus was on Studio 1 with some vocal & DJ dubs added in. They don't have the 90's DJ dubs when everyone was cutting heavy.

Saxon have the vocal dubs, but their 90's DJ dubs are not in the amount as Jaro or Addies.

Jaro has a lot of foundation and vocals. They voiced nuff 90's DJ's, but not on the level that Addies was cutting. Jaro didn't need too cause Trooper had so many anthems. Also Jaro lost some of their dubs from Hurricane Gilbert.

I'd say Addies have the most, cause when the money was flowing, they cut a lot of everything. And now that they're back they are spending again.
0 #4 Ragga Roots 2013-05-17 14:40
Well, i'm going to give this some thought, however just off the cuff, i would have to say Addies. I really dont think Addies has ever stop cutting dubs. Even when the sounds was somewhat parked, they were still cutting, unlike some of the others who stopped eventhough they were still in the streets. Those sounds basically worked with what they had, their quality.
0 #5 dacnaughty1 2013-05-18 01:31
addies was not cutting any dubs when the sound was parked up ,so stop talking stupidness ,between jaro and downbeat for the most valued
0 #6 A SO IT GO 2013-05-20 16:36
Addies top both categories
0 #7 Millerdon 2013-05-21 11:00
jaro has most dubs and value dub has to be who has two big dead artist together or more saxon had there own riddims and unique style of dubs so if it was a art auction they would be in the mix
-1 #8 100% Dubplates 2013-05-21 11:53
Down Beat does not have the most dubs but he has the better ones. King Addies has the most dubs only because they had the most money.
0 #9 LP fan 2013-05-22 19:24
LP has more and better dubs than all these sounds
0 #10 BuMbOjOhNnY 2013-05-29 11:05
King Jammy's has the most dubs hands down...
0 #11 scorpio 2013-06-03 00:31
Addies have more dubs then them sounds trust me
0 #12 lex 2013-06-04 19:24
Saxon never ever stop cutting dubs, always kept up to date with new vocals trust me
0 #13 smash49ers 2013-06-24 21:01
Let me break it down properly, saxon a big sound with there own studio but they never really kept up with jaro or addies tune wise.. Down beat is a WICKED BLOODCLAUT SOUND with nuff rub a dub muzik strictly for big ppl. Now jaro is a foundation sound but the big tunes they have is no where near to what danny dread and baby face used to cut. Face used to fly around the world to cut tunes dem time deh emaip never exist.. Addies hi fi is hands down the number one sound with the most dubs and the BIGGEST SONGS EVER. Big up Lees unlimited. Dem cut some big tunes also

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