Johnny Daley Set to Thrill Audiences in New Jersey and Bronx

Childhood star Christopher "Johnny" Daley wooed sold out audiences in Queens and Hartford during his heralded performances in "The Politicians" over Memorial Day Weekend. Although grown up now, the "Lime Tree Lane" star and theatergoers boasted a clear affinity and connection. The crowd continuously roared in laughter in response to Daley, who held down two distinctly different roles of Minister of Parliament Gary and talk show host Geldoff. The laughter and vibes were overwhelming when Daley was in the middle of the audience interacting with fans while in character. Daley is thrilled about taking "The Politicians" to "Roots" theater lovers in New Jersey (Campus High School, East Orange) and Bronx (Evander Childs High School) on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, promising spectacular stagings of the wildly popular play. When asked to describe the hit play "The Politicians" in just three words, Daley declared the play as one of "hilarity, excitement and energy."

For New Jersey and Bronx theatergoers, this could be the very first time they get a chance to take in the Johnny Daley theater experience. Now a staple in Jamaican theater, Christopher "Johnny" Daley has brought his diverse talent to the stage .While Daley has been successful in both television and theater, it seems the famed actor favors the stage. He says, "You definitely have to approach theater differently from television, but I would have to say that I prefer theater over television as I get to see an immediate reaction from the audience. That is how you gauge whether you are doing your job properly." Actually, Daley's highly rated performance in "The Politicians" marks his official debut in a play from the Stages Productions camp. Further enhancing the appeal of the "The Politicians," which is written by Paul O. Beale and Directed by Bunny Allen, is an extremely talented cast of top flight seasoned actors including Keith 'Shebada" Ramsay, Andrea "Delcita" Wright, Michael "Stringbeans" Nicholson, Abigail "Babalita" Grant, Junior Williams, Stacy-Ann Brisette and Patrick Smith.

In addition to thriving as a successful actor, Daley is also host of a popular radio show 'Di Endz', which airs on Nationwide Network. And for this role, Daley recently received an MIAA award for "Personality of the Year." Daley has his eyes set on the prize, consistently landing opportunities on his professional journey. Daley's many fans can look forward to him as a lead character in an upcoming play written by Paul O. Beale. Until then, he encourages fans to come and soak in the laughter of encore performances of "The Politicians" – destined to also be a hit in New Jersey and Bronx.

IRISH AND CHIN THEATER is the online source for Jamaican theater. Now featured are very up-close-and-personal video interviews with Christopher "Johnny" Daley himself, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bad Boy Trevor and esteemed playwright Paul O. Beale. Up next are interviews with Dahlia Harris and Shebada. While on Irish and Chin Theater, you can also cop advance tickets to "The Politicians."

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