shebadaSince his historical debut in the monstrous play "Bashment  Granny," Keith "Shebada" Ramsay has taken Jamaican theater and the world by storm.  Much to his credit, Ramsay has achieved a cult-like following and fan base in such a short period of time for the razor sharp, over-the-top and funny character that he portrays, Shebada.  In fact, hands down, in recent years, Shebada has become one of Jamaican theater's defining stars.  The New York Tri-State area is gearing up for loads of laughter, fun and excitement -- fused with an important back story -- when "The Politicians" debuts there Memorial Day weekend and later in June.  Keith Shebada Ramsay, along with a wildly talented ensemble, will take center stage on Saturday, May 26 (Hartford, CT - Weaver High School), Sunday, May 27 (Queens, NY - York College) and Saturday, June 23 (East Orange, NJ - Campus High School).

Ramsay is excited about traveling to the Tri-State area to afford fans with another Shebada experience in "The Politicians." He promises that theatergoers will get more than their monies worth as they are afforded with the ins and outs of politics in Jamaica, while soaking in incessant humor. In the play, as the recurring role of Shebada, the actor once again displays a delightful sense of comedic timing and delivery. He didn't unleash a heap about his role in "The Politicians" as the actor thinks theater enthusiasts need to come see it for themselves. However, he did indicate "In this play, I am a college drop out and pastor's son who becomes one of four candidates for office.... the real fight will boil down to a hysterically funny one between Delcita and I."

"The Politicians," which is written by Paul O. Beale and directed by Bunny Allen, is a political revue that captures politics in Jamaica, largely dealing with the political campaigning and the various happenings that the public rarely if ever sees. The highly anticipated play, which fuses comedy and drama, boast an extraordinarily talented and seasoned cast including: Andrea "Delcita" Wright, Christopher "Johnny" Daley, Michael "Stringbeans" Nicholson, Abigail Grant, Junior Williams, Stacy-Ann Brissette and Patrick Smith.

Unlike the boisterous, outspoken character of Shebada, Keith Ramsay is quite soft spoken.  When Irish and Chin asked what Ramsay liked best about his infamous Shebada character, he responded confidently, "Shebada says exactly what's on his mind...he is to the point, yet down to earth. Shebada brings forth an important rule that we should carry out in every day life, that is be who you are!"  As popular as Shebada has become, Keith Ramsay still hasn't quite grasped his fame. The actor said with insistence, "I am often still surprised by my talent and how far I have come as well as the support of my fans." According to Ramsay, the experience is still somewhat surreal. Regarding inspiring others to pursue acting and their respective careers, Ramsay says "Keep the dream alive and don't let it die."

Following the actor's epic theatrical debut in "Bashment Granny," Ramasy has wowed audiences through out Jamaica and the U.S in plays such as "Shebada Comes to Town," "Like Father Like Son," "Bashment Granny 2," "Di Driver," "Serious Business," "Ghett-Out," "Double Dose" and now, "The Politicians."  Ramsay embraces his production company Stages and Jamaican theater as a whole, crediting it's success to a wide array of talented actors and actresses. However, Ramsay zoomed in on one actress in particular, saying, "Deon Silvera is a shining star in the theater world...she is young-at-heart and extremely talented." Ramsay mentioned that he has a film and television series in the pipeline.  And the actor confirmed that fans will soon see him in the next Stages production, "The Wedding Scammer," where  he will appear alongside a phenomenal cast that includes Ramona Miller, Dainty Belafonte, Maxwell Grant,  his sister Etisia Ramsay and more!

Upon finishing a pleasant discussion with Irish and Chin, Ramsay wanted to alert his many fans that he is not "personally" on facebook and that tasteless and vulgar postings are being posted by an impersonator. The actor has contacted facebook regarding the incidents and hopes to have things under control soon.

Irish and Chin Theater ( is the online source for Jamaican theater. There, theater enthusiasts can experience candid interviews with top actors/actresses, watch play video trailers/snippets, read play synopsis and character descriptions and purchase tickets to all Irish and Chin play stagings.  Now featured on the site are two very up-close-and-personal interviews with popular actor Christopher "Johnny" Daley and esteemed playwright Paul O. Beale. Tri-State theatergoers should not delay purchasing advance tickets to "The Politicians," as they are moving fast.  Also, Bronx patrons can get cash in hand of $13.00, by simply presenting their toll receipt.

Author: Irish and Chin

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