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Sting may have crowned a new deejay 'clash king' in Blak Ryno the former Gaza Empire artist, but all is apparently not settled in the eyes of the public. Reactions are still coming in surrounding the government of Jamaica's participation via their sponsorship of the event's 30th anniversary. This endorsement was facilitated through the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) who for the first time was supporting the event.

JTB is responsible for marketing and promoting the island as a globally attractive tourist destination.


Black Ryno had dethroned Kiprich walking away US$30,000 and the Sting Clash belt.

The government's involvement though initially seen as positive also seemed a little odd as parliament is currently debating an anti-gang bill which in its current form heavily condemn's popular activities within Dancehall culture, more specifically the practice of deejays and selectors paying homage/ 'bigging up' alleged and convicted so called dons and gangs.

Thursday night into Friday morning was froth with mentioning accused gang leaders as voiced by  local and internationally based personalities. Many artistes also constantly used so called Jamaican badwords on stage as was echoed across the sprawling grounds via towering speaker boxes. In the past several artists have been arrested for doing just this, including Nicki Minaj after her Sumfest performance, but thus far no one was nabbed or charged by the lawmen at Sting.

In fact the venue was teaming with Police and private security personnel leaving some critics to ask whether the police were simply there to protect against any violence but what about also seeing to it that other laws of the land were up held?

With the Jamaica Tourist Board's endorsement many expected changes in how the event was run and experienced by the audience and now based on what had occurred a common thought is "the government  should have known better."

VIDOOThe event did see mature performances from Mavado, Etana, Romain Virgo and Tommy Lee Sparta but still, former journalist turned U.W.I. lecturer Dennis Howard said the Jamaican music industry needs to develop sound professional attitudes. 

A lyrical clash competition between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond is receiving much of the criticisms. 

Howard argues that in order for the events of such nature to justify receiving support from taxpayers and the private sector, they have to deliver a professional and tasteful production. He said it’s unfortunate that with good intentions, the results are disappointing.

Disgraceful is how many are describing the abrasive language used by Macka Diamond and Lady Saw and now some are even calling for resignations involving JTB's support.

Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa hanna was spotted at the event looking pleased and facilitating media interviews. In the after math there has been no public comments yet from her camp. 


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