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It's looking like 2013 will serve as a huge test of endurance for Jamaica's Dancehall culture.  This year the islands ever so popular art form has seen the likes of countless pressures from the government.  What started early this year as a crackdown on… street dances, high power sound systems and late night events, has spiraled into the government’s proposals of a new bill that many feel will destroy dancehall.  The bill is called the Anti-Gang Act and it calls for violators to be jailed if found guilty in a court of law.

What makes this bill so threatening to the dancehall culture is that one of its clause states that no artist, promoter, selector, producer, will be able to promote GUN LYRICS and/or big up DONS, GANGS, GANG LEADERS, etc..  It sounds simple!  But it's really not simple at ALL.  If an artist records a song about guns and badness, it would be consider a violation of the law and they could be sentenced to 5 - 30 years in jail.  Artist such as Bounty Killa, Adiona, Kartel, and others will be forced to change the content of their songs, which many are saying is a violation of freedom of speech.  Producers are not exempt from such penalties either, the penalty for producing gun and gang glorifying content, will also results in an extensive jail sentence.  The act goes as far as targeting promoters who stage event that feature hardcore artist toasting gun lyrics and gang big ups.  They too could also see the inside of a jail cell for many years.  This may mean that Jamaica will lose great annual shows such as Sting and World Clash.

So what will the effect of this anti – gang bill mean?!  Well in my opinion... the decay of dancehall!  It will be the change of everything as we know it, and the start of a government "Take Over".  Once they succeed at censoring dancehall via producers, artist, radio, and promoters, they will try and take it further.  What is to say that they won't turn around a say.. " NO more songs about sex?"  If this Act is passed... it will kill dancehall's night life, lessen the income of many artists, promoters, producers and take the joy from Jamaica's music culture.

I am NOT against drawing a line and the fight to reduce crime on the Island, but there has to be a better compromise.  Jamaica's crime rate cannot be solely blamed on the music.  The county's governmental parties and parents of its children have to bare some of the blame.  Dancehall music should not be considered the countries source of understanding right and wrong; therefore the penalty of 5 - 30 years in jail is totally unfair.  The government may be treading a thin line of hypocrisy here.  There are other things in the island that one could argue contribute to the country's citizen being violent (ie. cartoons, movies, Hip Hop songs).  Will these other element face the same pressure being placed on dancehall? This is a HUGE social issue which could create an up roar if the law makers don’t consider ALL possible out comes in advance.  I hope the government is prepared for the back lash....

Author: Irish and Chin


-1 #1 Tatie 2013-07-04 12:24
Some of the lyrics used in dancehall songs in particular needs to be censored. Ninjman among others have some real tough talking gun/badman tune and the youths who are not strong minded are influenced by such lyrics
0 #2 clashite 2013-07-04 13:54
Jamaica has many DUMB laws and CREDIBLE ones too on the books and many are never adhered to or even used to punish...when was the last time u hear a man get lock up fi pissing on di rd....when is the last time u see police run dung a car cause smaddy dash weh rubbish thru di window??? thats my point....this may just go no where except on the books...
0 #3 kmt 2013-07-04 13:56
da likkle island deh a run bad bad now so mi no care bout freedom a speech some bwoy fi get lock up and di artiste dem fi know jail cell den dem we know responsibility and stop sing bout mock and glock....kmt
+2 #4 JahWorkz 2013-07-04 16:07
This is so ridiculous. The government need to take responsibility for bringing down the country, instead blaming dancehall music. Poverty and lack of essential resources is what causes Jamaica's violence.
+1 #5 not even a jamaican 2013-07-04 16:54
Jamaicas government is becoming more of a dictatorship everyday!! this is the stupidest bill i have ever seen in my entire life!! The rest of the world will think jamaica has no form of common [censored]ing sense, smmfh
+1 #6 Buxton International 2013-07-05 07:35
If thats the case then a lot of hardcore rappers won't be able to perform either in Jamaica.
+3 #7 lookin from outside 2013-07-05 08:15
First of the people that sing gun lyrics and gang lyrics are singing form experience what they see in there community. When bounty kille rstarted out he started with songs like poor people fed up, bounty did not just wake up a morning and say he gonna sing the song is what he sees around him is what he was singing about. Now who cause the problem to reach where it is? and am sure everyone knows the answer to that. The government has created a situation where it is difficult for people to rise in the country, they make it hard to earn a living. now poor people found a way to survive, sadly violence is one way, another way is sing about the said violence and hoping for a buss to make some money, now if you take away singing about the violence what do you think will be the next coure of action for poor people? look at most of the artist today most of there first b ig hit is about the community and there way of lfe
0 #8 KMT 2013-07-05 10:14
Why stop there? why not ban violent movies, books, tv shows and to take it a step further, violent thoughts. I think they're focusing on the wrong things. People who should be held liable and penalized are the radio jocks who play that crap on public airways.
0 #9 Selecta Quiet Storm 2013-07-16 12:32
So now how you censor music but allow gay's to have legal rights to act the way they want in the streets.

Will they also censor the movies that come via cable, internet for that matter.

Or this is one of their ploy to sell Reggae I Dancehall like they sell everything else.

As a Selecta's we on the board next as we play the music the artist sing it, we are all going to be prisioned.

FAGS GOT POWER, I am not giving no apology as a Jamaican you know I going to tell who ever is incharge of such a crazy idea you will wreck the Island and I must commend them on their nasty ways too.

I wish not to hide behind my comment, please make my information needed if possible.

I will also copy this post to Facebook.
0 #10 ahknatan 2013-08-05 00:27
Ctizens are becoming the property of the government;I hope Jamaicans will not take this breach of rights with a smile. Polititions enrich themselves by exploiting the masses while selling the island's resources far below market values due to the personal gains they and their friends stand to achieve.
Jmaica is world renown primarily by its unique music; take away our music and our identity dminishes.I implore my fellow Jamaicans to "stand up for your rights".

England as a colonail master in Africa, murdered millions of innocent men, women, and chldren, stripped them of their identities, stole their possessions, introduced false religions, and banned the native African music. It was illegal for British colonised African countries to play the drum, as it was believed that it was an instrument used in practicing voodoo. So while our African expressions were being suppressed, England was promoting its' musicians (beatles, elton john)etc
0 #11 numnumdumdum 2014-04-19 12:45
I am from the us sa Texas I love the music it's worst where I'm at come on don't change it
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