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HOLD YOUR OPINIONS FOR A SEC, and allow me to play 'devil's advocate' (no pun intended)...the current 'good over evil' war presently escalating between Bounty & Tommy lee is centred on Bounty not accepting Tommy Lee bringing in what he sees as unsuitable culture into Dancehall music, but while ranting to his twitter followers Killa goes on to make the following quote which some are now viewing as 'the pot calling the kettle black'...


 "Demons and Spartans nuh match we culture, I don't conform or reform I stand firm, so who wah go da way gwaan deh and stay deh, yes a me say 'Bus Up Mi Gun' 'People Dead' 'Murder Boy' inna me song dem, but that's it no satanic, demonic or masonic bloodclaat, poor ppl unuh waah tun inna duppy, like unuh self, see dem sink the bleacher inna hell deh already so unuh gwaan follow!"


If we are being honest at the end of it all what Bounty has said is that it is ok for himself and others in Dancehall to privilige a life of 'gun fi buss' & 'blood fi run' culture...BUT Tommy Lee's "man psycho" is disallowed, or are we misinterpreting his tweet?

But let's not make it all about the artist who also calls himself the 'Warlord,' as Dancehall is replete with other so called 'gansta artistes' including Mavado, Aidonia, Vybz Kartel, Ninja Man, Mad Cobra, Spragga Benz, Super Cat, Josie Wales and the list goes onnnnn....All these respected artistes have placed gangsta Dancehall on a pedastal for years.

Indeed many of the music's top deejays' lyrics have glorified a bad man, gun culture, therefore if the followers of Tommy Lee and Gothic Dancehall were to plead there case using much of Dancehall's musical heritage, they could stand a really good chance of proving that they are simply following tradition....traditions of Dancehall deejays having very little respect for the sanctity of life; or a right to live in peace among other civil rights owed to us all as himans. 

So how is what Tommy Lee is now performing and perpetuating any different from what these acts have perfected, yard and abroad, all the years? 

Often times these same Dancehall vets say their music should not be taken literally, but then Tommy Lee has also said his music is just for promotional branding. So I guess the major question really is whether 'Gothic Dancehall' is any more or less harmful than the "gangster for life" messages?

Author: Irish and Chin

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