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WATCH as guests at a wedding in Ghana dance to Popcaan's "Ravin".
Whom ever pronounced Dancehall music and culture to be dead, well they are dead wrong! Watch this video that is going viral as guests at a wedding in Ghana do a group dance to Popcaan's popular Ravin tune.   Look out for the dude in the bow tie, hilarious.
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The silence has been broken! The warlord Bounty Killa who was recently crowned "Dancehall's Greatest Icon", has expressed his views on Tommy Lee's Gothic Dancehall brand via Twitter.bounty-cross-angry





For those who may have no idea of what 'Gothic Dancehall' is...allow me to explain!  Lately a former member of Vybz Kartel's now defunct GAZA Empire, has gained huge visibility and merit among Dancehall music lovers for his some what peculiar lyrics and style, well put it this way the dude is original, I'll give him that. The artist is Tommy Lee who reigned supreme at this year's Reggae Sumfest which is where he introduced to the masses his image of darkness, which includes wearing a white skull facial mask, while performing lyrics about death and evilous things, ie. Gothic Dancehall.

Tommy Lee 2With recordings such as "Uncle Demon" and referring to himself as a Spartan, which references Gothic warriors (which according to Bounty Killa are all Batty men), Tommy Lee has found himself on the war path with the 'WARLORD'!

The veteran deejay took to his twitter account stating clearly his discontent with Gothic Dancehall and believe me none of Bounti's messages were nice or PC.  "No Devil ting in Dancehall!  It's not part of Jamaica's culture." This as he insisted that he has NO problem with Tommy Lee the person, but made it quite explicit that he will not standby and watch his beloved Dancehall get 'demonised'.

Bounti's tweets:

1. "Heavy D (Tommy Lee's manager) giving unuh a ting fi hype Tommy Flee fi sting ok, but that's gonna be his last bloodclaat sting, mi nuh have ntn to loose I did it already mi ago wash mi Guns n Rinse dem inna Demons Blood!!!

2.  "yow ppl a mad mi mad to bloodclaat, some a dem too brite and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted, so wha, dancehall a open land or flee market fi everybody sell dem fuckry and it's cool?"

5. "Demons and Spartans nuh match we culture, I don't conform or reform I stand firm, so who wah go da way gwaan deh and stay deh, yes a me say 'Bus Up Mi Gun' 'People Dead' 'Murder Boy' inna me song dem, but that's it no satanic, demonic or masonic bloodclaat, poor ppl unuh waah tun inna duppy, like unuh self, see dem sink the bleacher inna hell deh already so unuh gwaan follow!"

6. "Bumbo Hole Outaroad (name of a popular website) watch wah unuh a write pon site bout bandwagon obviously unuh see ntn wrong wid demonic speech and talk but we all knew unuh a gaza long time but who cares and when did unun hear me call out Nyammy Lee name the insect a beat off him mout pon twitter mi hear, BUT WHEN WE BUCK WE AGO SEE!!!

It remains to be seen who else among Dancehall's elite will "stand firm" with Bounti, so far silence from 'the King of Dancehall' Beenie Man, no word from Vegas who usually has a lot to say on various Dancehall issues, young vets like Assassin too seem to be keeping quiet which is surprising since he recently attacked Khago for doing his "Threesome" track...insinuating that such freaky lyrics has no place with a dreadloc-ed wearing artist in Dancehall...in my opinion it appears that the usually 'noisy' Dancehall has gone speechless!

So where will this charge by Bounti end up, as a soon to be forgotten bunch of ranting tweets?  Or will the self titled 'GRUNGADZILLA' truly tek it to SPARTA!

Author: Irish and Chin

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