The "Don Gorgon" Ninja Man has been working over time to ensure that his presence is felt within today's chaotic but exciting Dancehall

Within the past months, Ninja has declared war on "King of the Dancehall" Beenie Man and duo Twins of Twins.  Ninja Man announced that he is more than ready for a lyrical show down with both acts any where. Despite his issue with both acts being non-related, the common factor among the two according to Ninjaman is that both Beenie Man and Twins of Twins have been disrespectful to other members of the artist fraternity. It seems like the "DON GORGON" has self proclaimed himself the official "Defender."

Defender of what is the question? How can Ninja Man speak on any issue regarding artists disrespecting artists!? We all know that Ninja Man has a history of doing fuckery in the industry. So, what is he up to you may ask? I am willing to bet that he is sharpening his axe for Sting 2012. He has been off the scene for over three years and he is looking for an in, something that will give him the hype needed to place him as a favorite on the "BIG STAGE."

This of course means that Ninjaman will be causing trouble for the rest of the Dancehall year. So far, Beenie Man has not paid him any mind and the Twins don't seem to be taking him too serious stating, "Ninja man only uses his ugliness to frighten people but he is no bad man". Nevertheless, knowing Ninja, he will not stop until he stirs up an ants nest. For sure it will not be limited to just those TWO acts, he will draw other artists into his trap. It's a master plan... I call it "THE ROAD TO STING." One thing that's garanteed, whatever Ninjaman's plan is, it will be very entertaining!ninja 2

Author: Chin
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