New York, New York -- April 17, 2012-- Reigning Jamaican theater actors Shebada (Keith Ramsay) and Delcita (Andrea Wright) are set to sizzle in the same production this Memorial Day Weekend in the New York Tri-State area, as promoters Irish and Chin are bringing the extremely funny, yet thought provoking play "The Politicians" to Weaver High School (Hartford) with JW Promotions on Saturday, May 26 and York College (Queens) on Sunday, May 27. As theater has become such a vital component of Irish and Chin Entertainment, these Memorial Day Weekend groundbreaking stagings of "The Politicians" will help commemorate Irish and Chin's 15th Anniversary in in the business.

"The Politicians" is a hilarious comedy-drama with a socio-political theme that explodes with the combined force of humor from Delcita and Shebada, two of Jamaica's biggest theater stars, along with that of top flight actors such as Michael "Stringbeans" Nicholson, Abigail Grant, Stacy-Ann Brissette, Junior Williams and more. "The Politicians," written by P.O. Beale and directed by Bunny Allen, promises to captivate audiences from start to finish. Irish and Chin's "2 for 1 Theater Weekend" in Brooklyn and Bronx (Fall 2011), which featured Shebada and Delcita in two different plays – undeniably sparked the appetite of theatergoers to witness Delcita and Shebada in one staging. This time around, audiences in Queens and Hartford get to bask in the excitement that unfolds.

In this theatrical staging, politics in Jamaica is uniquely captured, zooming in on the campaigning and the various happenings that the public rarely if ever sees. The play also highlights a number of social issues that affect the society as a result of politics. The story comes to life through the stories of four contenders who are campaigning against each other for a chance to lead the people of Jamaica to uncertain change. The play is as comedic as it is somber, yielding a mind moving reflection that will allow audiences to laugh at the sublime and make little of the consequential. It is seriously a play that depicts Jamaicans "tekin serious things mek laugh."

According to a recent review in Jamaica Star, " 'The Politicians' is one of those plays that will cause you to laugh so hard that you ache in places unknown, but it also provokes thought and leaves you questioning certain beliefs. is obviously not a trite production and is worth every penny spent to see it."

Irish and Chin expanded their brand to encompass theater a few years ago, attracting thousands of patrons to their stagings. Known for selling out auditoriums, Irish and Chin's ultimate goal has been to provide consumers with first class Caribbean entertainment. Stagings of "The Politicians" in New York and Connecticut, which boasts a powerhouse ensemble of actors, further carries out Irish and Chin's mission. For more information on these stagings and everything Jamaican theater, visit:

Flair Lindsey

Flair Lindsey
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