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Family struggles to get support for Veteran Reggae artiste's event
The late veteran Sugar Minott has done alot for Reggae music yet his family says they are struggling to gain support to celebrate his exploits. Pashon, daughter of Sugar Minott who is also a Reggae artiste is pleading with sponsors to come on board for the fourth staging of the annual...
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Sound Chat Spoke To Jus Chris The Creator of Walk Like A Dog Song. He Staunchly Defends His Song And Says His Intent Was Pure Entertainment.
Barrington Levy phoned into sound chat to speak about his current single Rosie and the state of the music. Barrington said the artist today are overwhelmed with vanity and today's producers lack the basic understanding of music...and more

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April 15th Politicians Clash in Jamaica Parliament. Marley Grand Kid in Trouble. Irie FM Burnt By Piracy. Shocking Jamaican ‘Did You Knows’...more
April 14th Assassin and Duane Stephenson hit up Sound Chat studios vibing on issues such as artistes' image vs lyrics, the value of sound systems today & discussed the absence of riddims with multiple hits.

The clock to World Clash's heralded return in New York and Jamaica is ticking and the series has sparked immeasurable excitement in the sound clash arena.  Many have coined the stagings of World Clash R.E.S.E.T the most anticipated clashes of 2012.  With World Clash thriving as a hot topic on facebook, twitter and in the streets, even more potent than the event itself is the hype surrounding larger-than-life selector Tony Matterhorn, who hasn't touched down on the New York World Clash stage in quite some time. Sound clash enthusiasts are always anxious to see Tony Matterhorn in action, but the heat has especially turned up a notch for this performance, as clash fans can hardly wait to witness Matterhorn's face off against nemesis Fire Links for the first time on the World Clash stage. Set for Saturday, April 7, 2012 @ Amazura in Queens, New York, this highly anticipated World Clash R.E.S.E.T staging will also feature heavy hitting contenders Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Poison Dart, Earth Ruler and David Rodigan.

Set to compete in World Clash R.E.S.E.T in New York and host World Clash R.E.S.E.T in Jamaica, the industry's most visible selector Tony Matterhorn has people talking for more reasons than one.  Whether it's his over-the-top radio interviews where he is verbally warring with fellow contenders or his candid video segments, Tony "Mentally Ill" Matterhorn has everyone waiting to see what's next.

Tony Matterhorn's involvement in Irish and Chin's 15th Anniversary stagings of World Clash R.E.S.E.T is a no brainer, particularly because of the popular selector's strong ties to the World Clash Jamaica (formerly Death Before Dishonor) brand.  Matterhorn is pivotal in World Clash Jamaica's early development, bringing an onslaught of attention and hype to the event because of his early victories and back to back titles.  Before Panther changed World Clash history with consecutive wins as "The Five Star General," Matterhorn made his mark as the first contender to have back to back titles.  Namely, Matterhorn won World Clash Jamaica in 2002, 2003, followed by U.K. Cup Clash.

"Having Tony Matterhorn in this year's competition means a lot to our brand he started out with us in 1999 and has been involved ever since," says World Clash promoter Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin.  "Through the good and bad times, Matterhorn has been there for Irish and Chin, so I couldn't dream of celebrating 15 years without him."

Although Tony Matterhorn never seized a World Clash New York trophy, he is credited for his very strong performances.  And based on Matterhorn's recent verbal assaults and declared musical preparation, clash fans should brace themselves for an outstanding showing.  Only fate will dictate if Matterhorn has everything that it takes to win the highly anticipated competition.  Without any question, Tony Matterhorn is the most controversial selector on the World Clash R.E.S.E.T New York billing.

When asked about his break from clashing, the extremely confident Matterhorn said, "I don't clash anymore because I have already proven to be 'THE GREATEST SELECTOR OF ALL TIMES.' No one has done what I have in their lifetime as a selector."  The selector added, "When Chin asked me to compete and be involved with this year's World Clash events, I couldn't say no it's not a money thing with Chin.  We go way back we may cuss a lot, but we respect what we have done for each other's career."

Whether Tony Matterhorn rises as the victor or not, one thing for sure is that he is the largest selector in the modern day clash arena.  Adding to this respectable title, Matterhorn has cemented himself as a leading Dancehall artist, giving the world monstrous genre-defining hits and crazes like "Dutty Wine," "Goodas," "Man from Mars" and more. Tony Matterhorn has been one of the industry's shining stars since his confident and impactful beginnings on historic clash sound King Addies. Staying true to his legacy, Matterhorn will always afford fans with solid performances and thorough entertainment.

To see video interviews with Tony Matterhorn, visit http://www.irishandchin.com.  To hear audio of Matterhorn's recent interviews, visit: http://www.irishandchin.com/sound-chat.

Flair Lindsey
Author: Flair Lindsey
Writer and publisher

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