Abigail Grant 1Memorial Day weekend is here! And the New York Tri-state area will be treated to some of Jamaica's top theater personalities in the over-the-top, political revue and comedy "The Politicians." Stagings of the "The Politicians," which is busting at the seams with humor, are set for Saturday, May 26 (Hartford, CT - Weaver High School), Sunday, May 27 (Queens, NY - York College) and Saturday, June 23 (East Orange, NJ - Campus High School). One of the play's brightest stars, Abigail "Babalita" Grant is thrilled about "The Politicians" Tri-state debut, declaring that patrons will experience, "endless laughter, comedy at its best and 'real' Jamaican theater."

Abigail Grant is quickly becoming one of Jamaican theater's hottest news faces. Although she made her theatrical debut in Ashe's production of "Curfew," her first appearance on the commercial theater scene was in the blockbuster hit play "Bashment Granny," produced by Stages Productions. In the play, Grant immediately captured the hearts of patrons as the vivacious and outspoken Babalita -- now her coveted namesake. In "The Politicians," Grant holds down the role of "go getter" reporter Sadie Chudwell. While conversing with Irish and Chin recently about the play and her character, she said confidently, "As always, Stages Productions aims to please! And when I get a character, I research and make it believable.....patrons will definitely get 100 percent of Abigail Grant in this one."

The talented and young rising actress has also shined in memorable roles in plays including "Shebada Comes to Town," "Like Father Like Son," "Below the Waist," "Serious Business," "Ghett-Out" and "Double Dose." Of the various plays in which she has starred, Grant indicated, "My favorite theatrical production was 'Ghett-Out' by far, as it showcased my range -- I dug deep for the role as a 40 year old woman and for this I received a lot of kudos."

It's clear to fans of Jamaican theater that Grant will make waves in the theater industry. The actress did mention that she is currently reading for a new production, which is yet to be titled. In an exciting manner, she said "It will be a hit!" Grant began her career in theater working as a stage manager but has truly evolved along the way. She has commanded the stage, wholeheartedly embracing the lives of the characters that she has portrayed. When asked about how she got started in acting, she replied "My most innate inspiration comes from school, where I was always involved in dance and drama. However, I will say that the role of "Dancehall Queen" portrayed by Audrey Reid in the classic movie of the same name and none other than Oliver Samuels influenced me greatly." Because Grant tends to play flamboyant roles, she says most people would be surprised that she was brought up in the church and groomed in the church choir. The actress confirmed "Christianity is deal to me."

"The Politicians," which is written by Paul O. Beale and directed by Bunny Allen, is a political revue that captures politics in Jamaica, largely dealing with the political campaigning and the various happenings that the public rarely if ever sees. The highly anticipated play, which fuses comedy and drama, also stars extremely talented and popular actors: Andrea "Delcita" Wright, Christopher "Johnny" Daley, Michael "Stringbeans" Nicholson, Abigail Grant, Junior Williams, Stacy-Ann Brissette and Patrick Smith.

Irish and Chin Theater (http://www.irishandchin.com/theater) is the online source for Jamaican theater. There, theater enthusiasts can experience candid interviews with top actors/actresses, watch play video trailers/snippets, read play synopsis and character descriptions and purchase tickets to all Irish and Chin play stagings. Now featured on the site are two very up-close-and-personal interviews with popular actor Christopher "Johnny" Daley and esteemed playwright Paul O. Beale. Tri-State theatergoers should not delay purchasing advance tickets to "The Politicians," as they will go off sale at 11:59 PM on the night before the show.

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