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ODancehall freshette 'O' recently made her debut stage performance in New York at the Albany Manor in New York last week, as she romped on stage with Cham and rap superstar Foxy Brown.

'O', featured on tracks such as Wine, Tun Up Tun Up, and That Way, has been making waves in the music industry alongside Cham with her chic style and explosive lyrics.

Speaking about the performance, 'O' said that the experience was everything she hoped it to be as she wrestled off nerves and anxiety to deliver a powerful performance.

"Leading up to the performance, I was extremely nervous. But I knew I had to do it, and this is something I definitely want to continue doing. I honestly can't remember what happened on stage, all I know is that I did well and the crowd received me well," she said.

When asked about sharing the stage with Cham, who is a superstar in his own right and also her husband, 'O' remarked that that was one of the most nerve-wrecking things about the performance.

"Sharing a stage with him was definitely one of the things that was circling around in my head. My first performance and I'm performing alongside an artiste like him. It was nerve-wrecking, because I had to not only impress the audience but also him, but it turned out very well and everyone enjoyed it," 'O' smiled.

Cham also gave two thumbs up when asked about 'O' performance, saying that it will be a joy to watch her grow in the industry as an artiste and performer.

"Her first performance was good. Not even considering that it was her first time performing live, but she didn't seem nervous, she interacted with the crowd and that is always a good sign in an artiste. There are many artistes who are great in the studio but deliver sub-par performances, and from what we saw on stage with her that won't be a problem. It will be fun to watch her grow musically," Cham said.

Cham also said it was great to share the stage his long-time industry mate and friend Foxy Brown again, as the two performed their hit single Tables Turn, much to the pleasure of the audience. Cham says he intends to bring her onstage during his other performances, which includes dates in Canada, Trinidad, New York and Palm Beach.



Author: Irish and Chin

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